Hardwood Sash & Feature Windows

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BFRC A-Rated & CE Marked sash windows.
Overall window U-Value 1.6W/m2.K

Sash Windows

Seasoned hardwood, 57mm thick sash sections, manufactured
using mortise & tennon construction. Timber end grain to be
dipped in preservative prior to assembly.


Traditional weights and pulley and spiral balance available for
sash windows. Variety of feature windows including circular,
French casement and screens. Individually glazed sashes with
each glazed unit, no ‘plant’ on glazing bars.

Frame Glazing

Where applicable all glazing to be A-Rated LOW-E double
glazing unit 4-16-4 with warm edge spacer to conform to EN
1270 with a U-Value of 1.2w/m2K. All individual glazing units to
be fixed using glazing beads matching existing mould profile.
Triple Glazing available on request.


Each sash window to have a minimum of 2 fasteners fitted at meeting rails to ensure they are securely locked. Additional locks available on request.

Ironmongery (Optional)

Samuel Heath, Frank Allart or Carlisle Brass lift hooks, sash eye, pulleys can be fitted. Colours available on request.


Factory spray painted. Frame and sashes initially sprayed using end grain sealer protection. 2 coats of micro-porous primer and 2 top coats of water based paint. Sashes and frame hung to dry in an optimum temperature drying room. (Please specify colour).


Windows installed by Woodmarque using stainless steel batten straps. Moisture content on delivery 10-20%. Frame sealed using flexible sealant mastic to all external profiles.

For more information please call – 08456 728 005