Our work depends on the close relationship we cultivate between you, our client, and us, the maker.

We offer a comprehensive consultation and design service. Whether you are an architect, designer or property owner with a clear vision of your dream home, we strive to fulfill your every requirement. We listen to your ideas, offer you inspirational advice and do everything we can to bring your ideas to life.

We create large scale, multi-functional pieces for clients all over the world. We relish a challenge and take no greater pleasure than creating beautiful, conversation pieces, no matter how unusual the task. By nature, we are a forward looking company so we’re always looking for ways we can improve. Not just in the aesthetics of our furniture but in its technical performance too – things like CE marking, energy efficiency, or fire rating.

From the sourcing of quality wood to the skills that transform it; from the sophisticated methods of finishing to our precision approach to installation, every piece of our solid wood furniture is carefully quality controlled. No Woodmarque piece leaves our studio without going through a series of rigorous checks. We believe every piece is special and has its own story to tell. It’s why we do everything in our power to make it perfect.


Woodmarque is a family business founded on an Irish craft tradition.

Brian Quinn, Director

Brian founded the company is 1977. An expert joiner with over 4 decades of expertise, he learned his craft working with some of the biggest, most talented architects and designers in Ireland. Every joiner working at Woodmarque follows in the tradition Brian established. With a passion for architectural joinery and handcrafted furniture, Brian is the heartbeat of the business. By challenging his team to produce great work worthy of the Woodmarque name, he continues to be the driving force behind our success.

Louise Colton, Finance

Louise handles accounts and day-to-day operations. With a steady hand, she ensures everything is running smoothly. Friendly, and approachable, she keeps the business firmly on track, making sure the company’s organization is efficient. An experienced leader with a degree in business management, she ensures operational coherence. Her vital work allows Woodmarque to focus on providing our customers the highest quality design, craftsmanship and service available.

Darrel Quinn, Operations

Darrel oversees all joinery and manufacturing, ensuring that everything we produce is up to Woodmarque standards. It’s his responsibility to ensure our techniques and traditions are taught to the next generation. Passionate about quality, nothing goes out the door without him touching it first. Focussed, talented and dedicated to producing exceptional work, his drive for perfection guarantees our work will always be first-rate.

Ronan Quinn, Design / Sales

Ronan earned a BSc in Architectural Technology from Jordanstown. And he completed an internship with one of Northern Ireland’s leading manufacturing firms. When he joined Woodmarque, he brought that knowledge back to the family business. Design focused, he is passionate about going the extra distance to get things right. He excels at listening to his clients, and advising them. Honest, friendly and approachable, he uses his talent to create perfectly bespoke pieces they can enjoy for a lifetime.