As a family business immersed in the Irish craft tradition, we have a long history working across all elements of joinery. Producing the highest standard of bespoke product. This experience allows us to provide further design possibilities to our clients that match and support the door style and finish.

All hand-crafted and installed by our joiners. This specialist joinery helps infuse the unique character and design subtly throughout any commercial interior. Woodmarque craftsmen can produce bespoke cabinetry, reception counters, architrives, skirting, wall panelling as well as bar and apartment fit outs.

Only the best hardwoods are selected for this kind of work, including European Oak, Mahogany, American Walnut and Ash. With a mark of excellence on all of the above, specialist joinery can be provided as a package to go hand in hand with door requirements, speak to our Technical Design team for expert consultancy.