In order to protect occupants and a building structure, in the case of a fire on a commercial premises, Building Regulations outline where fire doorsets are required. Woodmarque provide the same excellence in fire door design and manufacture as in regular interior sets.

A fire rated doorset is also a pre-finished factory fitted door unit and contains all relevant elements; frame, door and ironmongery. All elements, however, have been tested and approved as fire resistant. Manufactured in bulk, as per the client’s bespoke order, and with re resistant certified components. Doors can be Fire Rated to FD30 or FD60 and certified to EN1634 -1 2008.

Fire rated doorsets, like our regular interior doorsets, are supplied and wrapped for easy and swift installation. Purchasing doorsets present a number of key advantages above traditional unitary component assemblies:

  • Client’s can be sure of continuity in manufacture. The same Woodmarque excellence can be expected across the board – replicating absolute quality and precision across any large order. This includes replication of the fire resistant qualities and certifiable integrity.
  • A minimisation of disruption on-site is two-fold. As a client’s pre-assembled doorsets arrive, installation can occur much more ef ciently. Quick fitting also makes it cost effective and economic.